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2021-2022 Chi Alpha Group Charter And Leader Affiliation Application

You must use the link sent to you in the renewal reminder email. If you no longer have your email or can no longer find it, you must contact the National Chi Alpha Ministry Center at XAAffiliations@ag.org or by calling 417.862.2781 ext: 1425 and they will send you a new renewal email.
Basic Instructions
1. A Group Charter and/or Leader Affiliation must be completed by all Chi Alpha personnel, church staff, volunteers, and student leaders seeking group charter recognition and/or leader affiliation with Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, U.S.A.
  • If leading more than one campus group, you are only required to pay for the first group charter/leader affiliation. All additional charter/affiliation fees are waived.
  • If you are a primary leader, you are required to affiliate and charter. This will ensure your campus will be a recognized Chi Alpha group, eligible for Tax Exempt Status, and listed on chialpha.com.
  • For a chartered group to benefit from the General Council Assemblies of God Tax Exempt Status, the chartered leader is required to provide an employer ID number. This is also referred to as the federal ID number. If you do not include the ID number on your charter form, even though you charter, you will not be eligible or covered by the tax exempt non-profit group status. You can secure this number in a matter of minutes at irs.gov and complete the form SS-4. Please note the employee or federal ID number is not the General Council Tax Number.
2. Read statements of Vision, Mission, Faith, Relationship, XA Best Practices and Beliefs, along with the Leader and Group Financial Responsibilities here.

3. Complete the form by July 2nd for the upcoming academic year. A $25 late fee will be required if a Group Charter or Leader's Affiliation is received after July 2nd. A $50 late fee will be required if a Group Charter or Leader's Affiliation is received after Aug 2nd.

4. Official Approval: If you are a local campus leader, your district Chi Alpha Director will be notified of your group charter and/or leader affiliation. After District Approval is received, we will send you official recognition from National Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, U.S.A.

5. Read Expectations of affiliated Chi Alpha personnel, church staff & volunteers here. Typing your initials in the textbox indicates you have read and agreed to the expectations.

Benefits of Group Charter and Leader Affiliation
  • Group and leader general liability insurance coverage.
  • Connectivity with leaders who share common vision and ministry.
  • Eligibility of tax-exempt status through the Assemblies of God.
  • Access to leadership resources at the district, area and national level.
  • Special grants for evangelism.
  • Promotional and resource tools.
  • Scholarships for training and quality training events.
  • Advocacy on your behalf.
  • Official group recognition on the national Chi Alpha website.
  • Missions projects for you and your students to participate in.
  • Digital and written communication from national leadership.